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6 'n 90!  Da Man reviews six films in ninety seconds.

Iron Man 3.  Although writer/director Shane Black turns in one of the better super hero movies in recent years, it is almost undone by a severe case of 3rd act elephantitis.

Oblivion.  This film has any number of homages, or, if you’re less generous, rip-offs of better science fiction films in it, including 2001, Total Recall, and Planet of the Apes.  Unfortunately, what it doesn’t have is Stanely Kubrick, Paul Verhoven, or Rod Serling.  Oh yeah, it also features one of the worst 3rd acts to hit the screen in a long time.



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Special Great Gatsby Episode


The Great Gatsby.  The eyes of T. J. Eckleburg have nothing on the Misfits.  In this Special Great Gatsby Episode, we stare long and hard at three of Hollywood's attempts to bring F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic to the screen.  Like the bespectacled eyes of Doctor Eckleburg, our gaze is often disapproving and occasionally downright judgmental.  The part of Jay Gatsby has been played by Alan Ladd (1949), Robert Redford (1974), and Leonardo DiCaprio (2013).  But when all is said and done, the question the Misfits must answer is, "Are any of these Gatsbys all that great?"

Thanks for listening!  We'll be back in two weeks.


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