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6 'n 90!  Da Man reviews six films.


Olympus Has Fallen.  Here's a film in desperate need of screenwriting "Life Alert."  Perhaps a better title would have been Olympus Has Fallen and It Can't Get Up.


Mud. You can't always judge a film by its poster--or its title.  Despite an ad campaign that seems designed to drive audiences away,  Mud is probably one of the better films of the year.



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6  'n 90.  Da Man reviews six films in ninety seconds.


Admissions. Paul Rudd continues his relentless campaign to appear in every lame comedy released in theaters.  With Prince Avalanche, Almost Christmas, and This is the End still to be released this year, the question has to be asked:  Has some evil genius who hates comedies cloned this guy?


Gangster Squad. A bunch of flatties ditch their buzzers and take on Mickey Cohen and his trouble boys.  There's plenty of Chicago lightning and chin music, but it's just a trip for doughnuts.



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