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People Like Us. "People Like Us" is the reason movies like this are so frustrating for an audience like the Misfits.


Magic Mike. Cheaper than a "hen party," safer than a bunch of "rope tricks," and definitely less degrading than a "pervy hole," the Misfits offer their review of Magic Mike, the story of a misunderstood male stripper.  But if watching the "bump and grind" isn't enough and you decide to take it all the way, remember to be sure and "cloak the captain."


Chasing Mavericks. Some movies are more than the sum of their parts; This film is more than the sum of its too many parts.  Despite too many characters, too many coincidences, and too many plot lines, it still manages to be a pretty decent film about surfing.

Thanks for listening!  We'll be back in two weeks.


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Six 'n 90!  Da man reviews six films in ninety seconds.


Jack the Giant Slayer. An even better title would have been -- not Jack and the Beanstalk -- but The Beanstalk and Jack. Or even better yet: Beanstalk!


Robot and Frank. It's a film about memory and the loss of memory that's unforgettable.



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