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6 'n 90!  Da Man reviews six films in ninety seconds.


The Green Hornet.  Are the Green Hornet and Kato villains or heroes?  Or maybe both.  Or maybe neither.  Then again, maybe they're just a couple of annoying slackers.


The Dilemma. Two friends create a device that makes a silent electric vehicle roar like a rumbling muscle car.  The Dilemma is a lot like that device.  Look under the hood of this comedy, and you won't find any laughs, just a lame drama pretending to be something it isn't.


The Rite.  "The power of house payments compels you!  The power of house payments compels you!"  Maybe this explains why Anthony Hopkins is in The Rite.


The Misfits remember film composer John Barry.


The Company Men.  How can a film starring Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper, and Kevin Costner go wrong?  The answer?  Ben Affleck.


The Misfits make their Oscar predictions.

Thanks for listening!  We'll be back in two weeks.


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January 23.  'Nuff said.


6 'n 90.  Da Man reviews six movies in ninety seconds.


Tron: Legacy.  In this case, the legacy isn't special effects so much, as it is lame, lazy story-telling.


How do You know.  A film so close to being a non-experience, that these questions almost always come up: "How do you know it's started?  How do you know it's playing?  How do you know it's over?"


Season of the Witch.  Welcome to the middle ages--for movies that is.  It's that dark time between the holiday blockbusters and the Academy Awards.  It'll take more than a couple of knights with good intentions to save a movie released during this period.


Cinescopes.  Forget about what the stars have to say--what do our favorite films reveal about us?

Thanks for listening!  We'll be back in two weeks.


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