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Archive for November 2010


6 n 90!  Da Man reviews six films in ninety seconds.


The Social Network.  You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.  But what about the Misfits?  Are they enemies or friends?  Listen and find out.


Red.  Growing old isn't for sissies--especially CIA agents.


Secretariat.  You've seen it all before: a woman who follows her dream, a horse that no one believes in, and John Malkovich in a goofy supporting role (the third one this year).  Paint by the numbers filmmaking, or a classic story told in a simple, straightforward way?


Gregory Peck.  In part two of the Misfits look at the career of Gregory Peck, there are some definite highlights: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Guns of Navarone, and The Big Country.  Then again, you also have Billy Two Hats and Beloved Infidel.

Thanks for listening!  We'll be back in two weeks.


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